IF I thought for one minute that the law banning pavement parking would actually be enforced, then as a person who uses a mobility scooter to try and get around where I live I would be over the moon.

I encounter pavements totally blocked by vehicles parked on them and they always seem to park right on the dropped kerbs too. This behaviour is exceptionally selfish and also dangerous for ordinary pedestrians, mums with pushchairs and disabled people.

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I always thought that it was stated in the highway code that all pavements/footpaths should always be clear, long before this new law. In my opinion this law will be ineffective because the police are not on the beat and councils turn a blind eye too – in fact my local council has already indicated it will be taking a relaxed approach to the new law. This new law will change nothing and the status quo will remain, and to hell with safety and the restrictions caused to the disabled. It would be effective if local councils put bollards on the pavements, but that’s probably too logical for them!

Anne Smart