ENERGY standing charges are something we all pay, and we are impacted in Scotland much more than anywhere else in the UK with the exception of north Wales.

Here in Scotland, where lights are switched on earlier and heating is required sooner because of the often inclement weather, it was interesting to hear SNP MP Gavin Newlands inform the House of Commons that energy-rich Scotland exported 3.2 million hours of electricity to England in the last two months, yet it is Scotland that pays more in standing charges.

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In London standing charges are £246/year, in Scotland £333/year – an outrage. The UK Government have full control over energy policy and must put pressure on Ofgem, which is currently undertaking a review of standing charges and could abolish those charges. The UK Government must speak up, they must represent those who will be sitting home alone and cold this winter. We simply cannot see a repeat of last winter, where people were sitting cold and hungry while energy companies made huge profits.

Catriona C Clark