DESPITE a slight fall, food inflation currently stands at 17.2%, an eye-watering level. The country has seen double-digit inflation generally for more than seven months, again eye-watering. Demands for higher-than-inflation wage rises have resulted in some industrial action, alarmingly within the NHS, but thankfully not in Scotland.

We are all dependant on food to survive, so those alarming figures are particularly eye-watering for those on low incomes, benefits and pensions. Most benefits and the state pension increased by 10% in April, however this is in no way keeping up with inflation, especially food inflation and general inflation caused by the Conservatives crashing the economy, yet what action can those effected take?

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The only real action which could result in change – a General Election – is more than a year away. However, it may be worth pointing out that Scotland has not voted Conservative for more than half a century, amazing when you think we have been governed by them from Westminster for 13 years. The Scottish Conservatives consistently peddle staying in the Union, because it is the only way they will ever hold any levers of power over Scotland. Scotland needs to waken up and realise that continuing in the Union will only result in more of the same.

Catriona C Clark