ELECTRIC scooters are to be banned from ScotRail trains because of their fire risk. What has taken them so long? Transport for London banned e-scooters a long time ago from trains and buses due to the risk of the lithium batteries going on fire.

Why is the UK Government still persisting in continuing with the e-scooter trial in England until May 2024 when there have been numerous fires, 17 fatalities and thousands of injuries since they appeared, mostly illegally, on our roads and pavements?

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There are no e-scooter trials in Scotland so why is Police Scotland not arresting the riders and confiscating the illegal e-scooters? Following a Freedom of Information request asking how many e-scooters riders had been charged and their e-scooters confiscated, Police Scotland said that getting this information would be too costly. The Scottish government should tell Police Scotland to confiscate all e-scooters not on private land, and quickly pass legislation that they will never be allowed on Scottish roads, pavements and pedestrian areas.

Clark Cross