WHAT a pity that Peta has had to resort to a lawsuit to try to get the Ministry of Defence to assess a faux fur that could replace the bearskin used for the caps worn by the King’s Guard.

The group’s determination to prevent Canadian black bears from being turned into ornamental headgear is admirable, and I wish Peta all the best with its campaign. However, one can’t help but wonder how many bears would still be alive today if it weren’t for Ben Wallace and the MoD digging their heels in on this issue.

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Surely, in 2022, given the advances in fabric technology, there’s no need for animal fur to be used in anything. No-one wears the stuff anymore – even Her late Majesty the Queen stopped procuring it in her later years.

The King’s Guard should start the new year on the right foot by showing compassion for animals. Roll out the faux fur!

Fiona White