AS I write this at 2.15am on Monday after having been denied internet access due to a damaged subsea cable from mid Thursday afternoon to mid Sunday afternoon I feel the need to point blame in a deserved direction.

The cable running from north of Shetland to the Faroe Isles etc was damaged before the separate cable running from south of Shetland was. This left both cables damaged at the same time. The north cable was in the middle of repairs when the south cable was then also damaged. When they proceeded to fully repair the south cable it again left many disconnected due to them not being able to keep it running during repairs.

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As a person who lives in Lerwick who tends to rely on the internet on a daily basis for a multitude of things, mainly to do my online shopping due to being wheelchair-bound, I find the whole reliance on one system totally unacceptable and negligent. After a little research it comes as no surprise that telecommunications are reserved to the Westminster government. Yet again one more reason why i’ll always be Yes.

Ian Johnstone
Lerwick, Shetland