STEPH Paton gave a very one-sided analysis in their piece on Monday (Gender-critical evidence to MSPs underlines lack of substance to complaints, Oct 10). I would like to challenge that. For starters, most of the organisations listed on the “trans” side are funded by the Scottish Government, so any deviation from the orthodoxy could lead to funding cuts. Others are captured by Stonewall.

Here are a few hard facts not outwith our reach, Steph:

Item 1: In October 2022, the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) said there were 16 “trans” inmates, of whom eight began their transition while “in custody following their remand or conviction for their current offence”. It said the other eight trans prisoners had begun transitioning or were living in their acquired gender when they were convicted or placed on remand. In response to an FOI request, the SPS disclosed that six “trans” prisoners have convictions for sex offences.

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So, Steph, how is Nicola Sturgeon going to ensure that self-ID is not used as a ploy when it is already being used as a ploy even before the GRA Reform Bill becomes law?

Item 2: A male “trans” prisoner who has a GRC under Irish law is now being accommodated with female prisoners. It is understood he has not undergone any transgender surgery, nor is he receiving hormonal therapy. However, he was in possession of a gender recognition certificate by the time his case came before the court last July.

Item 3: A judge at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court described recently as “deeply disturbing” the contents of a pre-sentencing probation report on a young “trans” identified man. He had threatened to torture, rape and kill his own mother. He was held in Limerick Prison’s female wing and was diagnosed as having narcissistic personality disorder.

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Item 4: A male sex predator was sent to HMP New Hall in England, which houses 360 women, despite having had no surgery or hormone treatment. He was a paedophile on remand for grievous bodily harm and multiple rapes.

Item 5: A double rapist, who had a sex change operation behind bars, was put in segregation at the women-only HMP Bronzefield in England after making unwanted sexual advances on inmates. The father-of-three transitioned in jail after being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995, and had been moved from male-only HMP Whitemoor.

Item 6: A man claimed “trans” identity having been convicted of a large number of child sexual offences – crimes reported in the media as having been committed by a woman.

Item 7: A Montreal sexual predator who falsely claimed to be transgender preyed on women at two Toronto women’s shelters. The judge said he imposed the indefinite prison sentence because there existed a grave risk that he would commit more sex crimes and require strict supervision if he were to be returned to the community.

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Now, while these examples may not find favour with Ms Sturgeon or Steph Paton, the public might be better aware of the issues at stake. They should also be aware that almost all of the mainstream Scottish parties are in favour of self-ID – that is, SNP, Labour, Lib Dem, Greens, with the Tories mainly against.

Perhaps Steph could also enlighten us as to why being “trans” must entail males having access to female spaces and rights, and why millennia of instinctive self-protection by females and children must be sacrificed on the altar of “trans”? Are we no longer to tell females to be careful around strange men, or children to run away if scared? These two aspects really do require to be explained.

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With gratitude to Graham Linehan and Josephine Liptrott