WE must note that the surge from Tory unknowns to have “God save...” resurrected has a hidden purpose.

There will be a new “whom” added at some time, namely, “King”, the present heir and then the next scions in line. The oiks need to be retrained in seeing the Queen’s successors as monarch. Whatever myths of selfless service surround the present monarch and monarchy, one must surely have concerns about Charles given his not-so-acceptable persona and past actions. There is an investigation into aspects of his charity monies and suspicions over cash for favours. The idea of the selfless, constitutional monarchy reigning but not ruling has been shown to be a lie, in line with the daily lies perpetrated by the present Her Majesty’s government and PM.

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The current Windsor “firm” is truly in inner turmoil, hardly models of personal rectitude we are ordered to look up to, and whose family feuds resemble a mere soap opera. The daily press briefings reveal the inner family squabbles as well as the drip-fed propaganda which are taken up by other media and “royal” watchers.

This upsurge in redoing the monarchist anthem has a hidden agenda. Beware!

John Edgar