I ALWAYS thought that Andrew Neil was short-sighted to choose GB News as the title for his new venture that he hoped would make his name as a news baron. Myopic because when Scotland becomes an independent entity, as it undoubtedly will, at that same moment Great Britain will become a non-entity and cease to exist along with the United Kingdom of Scotland and England – much to the chagrin of an English nationalist government at Westminster that had foolishly entitled itself the UK Government.

What about other titles like “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland”. Yet another case of backing the wrong horses. There never has been an Elizabeth the First of either the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland, where Irish unification is just round the corner. And with Scottish independence her domestic kingdom will disintegrate and become unrecognisable.

She will of course retain her title of Elizabeth II of England, but will she have to apply to regain her previous other title of Queen of Scots? That will of course be up to the people of Scotland who are sovereign. The Queen may be sovereign in England, but she is not here, and all the pretence of her sovereignty in the devolved Scottish Parliament has been foisted on us by an English government and will be done away with on independence.

Note: The Heat Networks Bill.

The many benefits of Heat Networks include that they are environmentally sound and have been shown to save householders and businesses up to 36% in fuel costs, with consequential benefits for tackling fuel poverty and reducing costs faced by public bodies.

The Queen refused her assent to the Heat Networks Bill passed by the Scottish Parliament, and thereby delayed it becoming law, until her unreasonable insistence was met that her estates in Scotland would be exempt.

It was only when the Scottish Government acquiesced that she added her imprimatur. English law’s creeping interference into Scottish affairs must be snuffed out in Scotland’s new constitution, and that must include anti-Scottish representatives of a foreign government, backed by dark and foreign money, sitting in the Scottish Parliament.

Bruce Moglia
Bridge of Weir

DESPITE an ongoing Covid problem I wish everybody has had a safe and happy Christmas and hopefully our fears about the coming weeks are unfounded and a decent New Year can be enjoyed despite restrictions. I see one of the Sunday tabloids highlighting a poll that shows the Tories being wiped out in Scotland should there be a General Election. (It should be pointed out that all polls suggest Labour will lose its one seat as well.)

I had a slightly a strange conversation in our Yes Cowal Forward Shop last week with a pleasant man who told us he supported independence and that he was just moving up back to Scotland. But why is independence support so high when everybody hates Nicola Sturgeon was his question.

This kind of took us aback. Apparently she runs a fascist Scottish Government. He referenced obligatory vaccination which of course is not true and children being forced to fill in explicit sex questionnaires which also is not true. As SNP runs the government in Scotland with the Greens none of this kind of stuff could be true.

However apparently this sort of stuff is widely believed because of the media down south and Nicola Sturgeon when mentioned at all is painted as nasty and personally. We were able to give him a more balanced view and asked him to drop in and have a chat with us next time he is passing.

It is hard to understand what benefit the Unionist media imagine they gain from making the English people hate the Scots (apart from perhaps making them want of get rid of Scotland which is no bad thing).

As we move into New Year with Tory and Labour both dropping below 20% support in the polls in Scotland I wonder when the media up here (The National excepted) here might suddenly waken up to the fact that a majority in Scotland – a very substantial majority among younger Scots – support Scottish independence and that media’s relentless attack on that is doing more damage to them than it is doing to the Yes cause.

We can but hope that they see the light. But as polling figures show and the fact that the SNP has more than five times as many members as all the Unionists parties combined the Unionist media in Scotland has lost all credibility politically and we don’t need them anymore.

David McEwan Hill

HAVE I got this right? A new appointment to the Scottish branch of the BBC who will be paid £38,000 for two days of work as chair of the board’s committee for Scotland (Muriel Gray appointed to role representing Scotland at the BBC, December 20). That sum of money seems to me to be a lot of pensioners TV licenses and not worth it.

While the BBC has never, as far as I’ve seen in the past, spent massive sums promoting Scotland and its distinctive culture, I am not sure that a part-time chairperson is going to make much difference. Especially if it is more costly. Maybe and just maybe if a little less money is spent hiring people and a bit more producing the actual programmes would be more worthwhile.

I recall another appointment some time ago to another Scottish Institute (The National Trust for Scotland) which was just a little biased against independence and was not slow to voice his opinion, while in his enhanced position. This was not a political appointment either and I hope the new incumbent to the BBC who has a similar stance (against) Scottish independence and expressed this view in the past. Let’s hope that is not reflected in the job.

James Ahern
East Kilbride