THERE are lots of topics to discuss: Covid, Boris, Alba, Brexit, NHS, etc. I would like to mention the state of Scotland’s roads. It is my opinion that our road conditions are the worst in my long life.

I appreciate the budget restrictions since the 2008 financial crisis and a few since then, including where we are now. But still our roads are heading to a third-world condition.

Due to Covid making overseas travel dodgy, This last summer my wife and I drove around in Powys, Shropshire, Yorkshire and Northumberland. Overall the roads there were in a fair condition and did not have poor uneven surfaces, road verges crumpling, and as many potholes. Certainly nowhere near the conditions here.

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In the last few years or so we have also driven in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. If their road standards are ten, then we are three. In France you get apologetic road signs if the surface is poor.

I drive daily in Fife and southern Perthshire. What a disgrace. Maybe some small portion of the huge taxes we pay for cars, fuel, vehicle insurance and road tax could go to the roads. Please.

Robert Anderson