WHERE were you all? Saturday August 28 – a beautiful day showing the beauty of the area round Faslane. Sun glinting off the water, beautiful hills round the loch, quiet and peaceful ... just one problem. It is home to the weapons of mass destruction Scotland does not want on its soil. Yes, it was a Bank Holiday weekend, yes the weather was just right for a back-garden BBQ, but it was also right, necessary and – under the political climate happening right now – imperative these weapons are removed from one of the most highly populated regions of Scotland.

You – reading this – were needed to swell numbers and let the powers that be know it is not we few – we happy few – but hundreds, nae thousands of us that want this to happen.

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I travelled from Stonehaven and at the north gate at the Faslane base met a woman who lived reasonably locally. She arrived draped in a saltire round her shoulders and carrying a seat to sit on while listening to the speakers. Nothing unusual, you might think – except this woman was 93 years old and still hoping her wish for independence would be realised and that with independence these weapons would be removed.

As I looked round those who had turned up to lend voice, I reflected on the size of the independence movement and felt ashamed that this woman in her 90s was not supported by the the hundreds and thousands of you out there who must lend voice to the demonstrations that will now inevitably increase in frequency. Time now to push from the grassroots up. Let’s not leave it to 93-years-olds to put us to shame – let’s do it because we must.

Frieda Burns

THERE is no doubting The National’s commitment to independence, however in my opinion George Kerevan’s column in yesterday’s edition fell well short of acceptable journalism from a reader perspective (This is why I am cynical about the pact between SNP and the Greens Aug 30).

I can accept that The National must represent all sides provided this is balanced, but as a subscriber I also look to The National to go that step further and be informative. Kerevan’s column was neither valid nor informative and on that latter point it actually misinformed your loyal readership who deserve better.

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Kerevan asks in his concluding remarks “what of independence?” yet he cannot elaborate on the tactical strengths that the SNP/Green deal might bring us. He also asks how they will secure independence, yet surely he knows perfectly well how this is going to pan out. If he doesn’t know how significant the Holyrood vote on the draft referendum bill around next February will be, and where we go from there, then where on earth has he been?

As for Kerevan’s question on Boris Johnson, Mike Russell could not have been clearer on The National’s own roadshow when he told viewers that the Scottish Government would forge ahead with the referendum regardless of how Westminster responds to the Section 30 request, or words to that effect.

The SNP and Greens have set out their stall. Let’s hold this new-style Scottish Government to account on what they don’t do when they don’t do it rather than rely on a crystal ball. The pendulum of change swings slowly. So slowly that some people might be excused if they don’t see what is coming.

I’m afraid that George Kerevan’s bitterness about the SNP’s right-of-centre leanings is every bit as symptomatic of his inability to accept the death of socialism, as is the Conservative Party’s inability to accept the death of capitalism if we are to have a realistic chance of saving the planet.

We desperately need independence more and more each passing day and the pendulum is at long last starting to swing our way. So come on National, let’s have more relevant and positive contributions from regular columnists and let’s break out of this Jurassic Indy Park.

Iain Jack

ACCEPTING that neither of us have the foresight of the Brahan Seer, I enjoyed the response of Mr Stephen Tingle (Aug 30) to my letter on the defence strategy of an independent Scotland. This should only be the beginning of a much wider discussion within the whole Yes movement.

Without equivocation I accept all that Mr Tingle states about how recent events have demolished the mythical “broad shoulders of the UK” line, in defence terms, which convinced many Scots into the No camp in 2014.

Scotia Future advocates positive co-operation with others in defence policy where possible, but fears that the current SNP leadership’s obsession with a multilateral approach to defence would cripple the sovereignty of an independent Scotland exactly when it would need it most: in determining its own capacity to defend itself free from external influence.

The whole point of independence is to exercise sovereignty and thereby give a lead to actually show No voters a vision of how we would defend and police our borders. Assuming that Ireland and Sweden continue their neutral status, Scotia Future advocates membership of Partnership for Peace and a Tripartite Defence Pact between an independent Scotland, Sweden, and Ireland.

Cllr Andy Doig
Scotia Future

WHAT has The Baroness actually done, delivered? Absolutely nothing. She’s criticised and climbed, pontificated, and grabbed photo shoots. Every job seems to have been a stepping stone for self-interest, and now director for Baxter’s soups!

After a considerable series of election defeats she got into politics by the back door, the list system. She is now a life peer, the gravy train for life. But what has she actually delivered for society? Nothing. She is an expert in acquiring additional funds for herself, TV interviews etc. She’s tenacious, but a force for common good? No way.

Something has to be done regarding the House of Lords, people rewarded who have done nothing for society. It’s an absolute disgrace. An indictment of the British indulgent society. And there is no sign of change. Despite talk of reform (even from the Baroness’s lips!) our ownly hope is undoubtedly independence. Make it happen, Holyrood!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus