I WISH the Secular Society (Letters, July 10) would either hush up and go away, or at least be consistent. Just out of interest, in dismissing a major world religion, what is Neil Barber’s explanation for the evil things that happen? Do they just happen? If you believe that, it takes more faith than accepting the Christian story of good and evil, and I believe in the end that is the undoing of the secular world view. It does not really explain anything, it just destroys.

We often stay at the Premier Inn, and are very glad that they have Bibles (not because we are forgetful but because it is a last vestige of a Christian past which is being destroyed in Scotland). What is the secular explanation for good and evil? More education, perhaps? What about the fact that the internet houses some of the cleverest minds who have only one purpose, to spread mayhem, to cheat people out of money, to spread computer viruses, and so on. So education can’t be the answer. Or perhaps it is all just chance?

To believe that takes more faith than having a faith.

I am upset at the broadcast media which routinely promotes the use of the name of God as a profanity, and the routine attacks on Christianity. Why do the secularists relentlessly attack Christianity? Where is their polemic against Islam or other religions? Ah, yes, they dare not, that would be a religious hate crime. Strange that it isn’t when the target is Christianity.

Julia Pannell
Friockheim, Tayside