WHEN will English Tories realise that the Prime Minister is trying to achieve the impossible? The idea of an agreement which will allow access to tariff-free trade while opting out of other EU legislation would never be popular.

The only realistic position is the total opting out of the EU, including a return to tariffs on much of our trade, the end to protection of workers’ rights and the environment and an end to London’s position as a leading location for our invisible earnings.

Rees-Mogg and Johnson want us to jump off a cliff with the almost certain prospect of a very hard landing for the UK economy. I just beg them to give us our independence so they don’t pull Scotland over the edge with them.

Pete Rowberry

BORIS Johnson may or may not believe his own rhetoric about the present Brexit strategy being likely to turn the UK into a “colony” of the EU. But if he thinks the woolly deal he agreed to over the weekend would really result in the UK being stripped of its resources while at the same time having no power to resist that exploitation, maybe at last he can start to imagine just how independence-minded people in Scotland have felt for the last 300 years.

Derek Ball