THE real surprise wasn’t the resignation of David Davis MP as Brexit Secretary, it was that he was allowed to continue in the role when it was clear he was doing very little.

For example, he only held four hours of talks with the EU’s chief negotiator in the past year, he claimed there were detailed impact reports and then later claimed no such reports existed, and of course there was the infamous photo where he (and his team) appeared to turn up to meet the EU negotiators without any notes or briefings.

The current Tory government under Theresa May is so weak that she could not sack him despite his obvious failings, and similarly she couldn't sack incompetents like Boris Johnson. You also have to question the state of the Labour party when they can’t even outpoll such an ineffective government and have abstained or voted with the Tories on almost every crucial vote.

It’s clear Scotland’s interests aren’t being represented in Westminster by this government or the “official” opposition/abstainers. It’s time Scotland looked after our own interests and we all worked harder to achieve our independence.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren