NEIL Munro’s letter in The National (May 12) poses the question as to whether Jeremy Corbyn would do a deal with the SNP to secure a Corbyn government in return for a Section 30 order. Or would he form a grand coalition with the Tories to preserve the Union?

The question must also speculate whether Jeremy Corbyn will still be leader of Labour after the open-goal flop in the English local elections.

Corbyn is by nature a Westminsterite who cares not a jot for the Union. He sees Scotland continuing to be incorporated in the English political system. One must stress it is not a union. 1707 meant incorporation pure and simple at the whim of Westminster! Clause 11 proves it despite Corbyn’s belated protestations. Trident at Faslane, which he supports, is further proof. His tacit Brexit stance to restore powers to the UK, aka England and the English Westminster, underpins his Westminsterism.

It is time Scots looked reality in the face. Unionist parties are Unionist pure and simple. We take independence.

John Edgar