ANYONE who can still say we have the choice of being governed from Brussels or Westminster misses the point. Our goal is independence. We want to govern ourselves. The union that took place in 1707 was an annexation. The EU is a coming together of 28, soon to be 27 countries working together for their common good. Each of these has the opportunity to shape what that means.

Common Weal’s “How to start a new country” sets out fairly logically the route we need to take to avoid the Brexit farce when we leave the UK, and the preparation we need to start making so that we know what we want from our exit negotiations. Brexit may well be the trigger for our independence but there’s a lot of work to be done between now and then and in our transition period from full exit from the UK. People will have plenty of time to consider possibilities and talk about relationships with other bodies, the EU included.

Common Weal is giving us a roadmap. We need to grab that and refine it if need be. Then we can go into post-referendum negotiations knowing where we stand, and expose whatever government is then in Westminster as the amateurs they will be.

Catriona Grigg