LESLEY Laird, the shadow Scottish secretary for Labour, is now accusing Pete Wishart, who is the chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee, of being in cahoots with Ian Blackford in cutting across “live investigations” into RBS branch closures, so far as Scotland is concerned.

Well, Lesley Laird is apparently another who thinks SNP baaad.

It is well known that Theresa May has ignored all attempts in Westminster by Ian Blackford to get her to do something – anything – to help the rural areas of Scotland where these under-threat RBS branches are situated. If these closures take place some Scottish islanders would have to catch a ferry to do banking business which could not be done any other way.

The Scottish Affairs Committee has not got anywhere as yet with its investigations, so what else is Scotland supposed to do? It is getting so fed up with sitting on its hands and playing softball with Westminster and adhering to its archaic parliamentary rules.

Methinks Theresa May is about to witness the real reborn Scotland now with sharpened teeth, which is about to use a very hard ball indeed.
Alan Magnus-Bennett