THE quote from Andrew Turnbull, former cabinet secretary under Tony Blair, sums up the current drift within the gang of Brexiteers. He said: “When you don’t succeed you find someone to blame for your failure.” Never a truer word spoken and one that perfectly sums up the manner in which the rather desperate Brexit community is currently running their campaign.

Bernard Jenkin, another non-entity MP, has rounded on the civil servants in Whitehall as the cause for the vagueness in the EU withdrawal process. This man has no shame, and along with some others in his camp has begun to see the disaster that is unfolding, that he and his ilk are solely responsible for,. Finding out via the leaked assessment document that there are no favourable outcomes for Brexit, they have started to panic and sought to shift the blame.

He tried to blame Philip Hammond, who, along with his Treasury officials, are the only ones among the ship of fools that is Theresa May’s tawdry Cabinet to have any conception of what is coming, and he has been trying, against the might of the Brexit fools and the right-wing media, to put forward reasoned arguments for an ultra-soft Brexit. Sadly, his opinions have fallen largely on deaf ears within that cadre.

May wobbles from one crisis to another as her recent painful appearances in Davos and in China attest, and she singularly fails to realise that the buck will inevitably stop with her and her party when the deal goes horribly wrong. Instead of coming down hard on the Brexiteers and facing an ever doubtful electorate, she continues to hide behind her pathetic, worn-out and meaningless soundbite mantras.

If Jeremy Corbyn could just face the reality of the situation and come together with the sane opposition parties who are trying to take a sensible stance against this madness then one feels that the majority of the country would come behind this movement. However, Corbyn, like May, is lost in ideology and fantasy and has not the guts to make that stand.

Now is the time for opposition parties to join with the SNP and stop this senseless process before it is too late! Wake up and smell the coffee Corbyn, you have a responsibility to more than just the small band of ideologues within your party.

Ade Hegney


WE have now had 72 years, after emerging from the Second World War, of Westminster care and attention. It has been provided by the Labour and Conservative and Unionist parties, with a brief interruption of a coalition of the latter with the LibDems.

The results of those alignments are the highest ever national debt, essential industries sold off to foreign interests, reliance on food banks, at best incompetence of major banks, an army reduced to less than 80000 in uniform, denuded air force necessarily dependent on help from Canada and Sweden, a navy with one aircraft carrier but no planes and no destroyer escort protection, an unacceptable level of terrorist action, a health service on its knees, a welfare shambles, an inability to care for our elderly, a nuclear weapon whose exact location and limitations are known to all, the deliberate insulting of the leader of our closest ally, the failure to deal effectively with Brexit leaving us with five years of delay after a democratic vote to leave the EU, an over-stretched police force reduced in effectiveness year after year, a housing shortage of truly mammoth proportions, etc.

That is the UK which we are currently told is being governed with outstanding success by Westminster. We really ought to be supremely grateful for this achievement. Consider if you will the position we would be in if these successes were in reality failures.

J Hamilton