THE Tories and Labour have a new strategy. This is using dog-whistle issues to appeal to the most backwards and fanatical elements within their base.

This Trumpian nativism will bring out the worst elements of Scottish Unionism. Labour’s campaign against the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act was nothing to do with bad legislation. It was designed to inflict a partisan defeat on the SNP. It was done for petty reasons. All so James Kelly can use the sectarian card at the next Holyrood election.

So too with the Tories jumping on the fake flag story. Ruth Davidson has no actual policies of her own other than opposing a second independence referendum. She is keen to hitch her coattails to the symbols of the United Kingdom.

There will be no apology from Ruth Davidson. She has turned her party into Ukip and has not acted to expel those councillors who made racist, sectarian and homophobic comments on social media.

Scottish Unionism has no purpose other than to perpetuate the system to generate income for the next generation of hangers-on. It is morally bankrupt.

Alan Hinnrichs