LIK aabody else ah hae bin super-enjoyin this richt braw spell o waither we hae bin haein ower the past hauntle o weeks (tho Hurricane Hector did pit a bit sprag in ma wheel!). Wark that hus bin lang neglected in the gairden an allotment at the auld homestead hus made a muckle loup forrit; borders are tidy, roses are budding, strawberries are ripenin an promisin a bumper crop!

The sun blazes doun frae the heivins an pits a smile oan the faces o young an eild alike! Aye, waither lik this pits a spring in aabody’s step! Tak the massive independence rallies we hae raicently seen athort Scotland. The All Under One Banner events wir aiblins e’en bigger than predicted an reported due tae the guid waither encouragin fowk tae get oot in the fresh air an tak pairt in somethin that hus claucht the Scottish zeitgeist an verra much conteenues tae growe wi nae signs o abating.

Syne 2014, tae nae dout the great dismay an scunner o the Scotland in Union brigade, thair hus bin a paradoxical an concomitant measuirable an conteenued heize in the nummers wha support an independent Scotland. A gey queer thing when the popular vote back then ackwally saved the Union?

But here we are, fowr year doun the road an the support an popular backin fir that independence hus ne’er bin sae heich – fir sae lang! As unnerscored bi thae mair as 100,000 mairchers wha hae “voted wi their feet”, pit oan their buits, an wavin their saltires mair than kept the dream alive. A dream that’s luikin mair an mair lik a reality!

The Gordian Knot o Brexit conteenues tae conflummux British politicians – an scunner the British people. An when this bourach finally cams aff the rails thae people wull no be best pleased! It’s lik gaun tae some fantoosh restaurant ye hud rael heich howps o, orderin their finest platter, then the maître d’ lifts aff the silver lid tae reveal the maist ugsome pile o crap ye hae e’er seen in yer life! Thon’s the dish that Basil Fawlty, sorry, David Davis is cookin up fir fowk!

Davis an his dwaiblie crew o reluctant Tories (mony o wham hud tae be dragged screamin tae the despatch boax tae be made vote fir their ain pairty!) are forcin throu this EU Withdrawal Bill athoot the consent o the Scottish Pairliament (a Pairliament whaur the Greens, LibDems an Labour aa side wi the SNP oan this issue). Sae ye’se wull be gettin this dodgy deal imposed oan ye’se whether ye’se like it or no! There’s British democracy fir ye! As it hus ayewis bin! Dae ye wunner why fowk are mairchin oan the streets?

Aye, years syne that tainted 2014 vote support fir Scottish independence is nou at record levels! Ah wunner hou Prof John Curtice an his psephologist bean-coonters wid explain that yin!? It wid nae dout hae thaim scartin their heids! The latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey stats kythe independence tae be the maist popular choice oot o the options oan oaffir (45%). 41% still prefer Devolution, whiles 8% wid dae awa wi Holyrood aathegaither – tho we shuidnae wirry ower much aboot thaim – time nae dout wull syne dae awa wi thaim aathegaither!

Ane o the crucial observations is that in 2010 anely 23% supported Scottish independence – we’re nou sittin at aamaist double that! An the majority o fowk nou believe that Scotland’s economy wid be faur better aff in an independent Scotland. Nou, there’s a sea-chainge! (Whit taen thaim sae lang fir the penny tae drap!?).

The launch o the SNP’s Growth Commission is aiblins a maister-stroke at this time, capitalising as it dis oan this optimistic wave an upbeat mood an the relentless, unstoppable self-belief o the Scottish people in thair ain destiny.

Potentially we hae wan o the richest kintra’s in Europe – but we hae bin haundcuffed tae eejits fir aamaist three hunner years. It’ll no be lang till we brak thae chains.

Atween haunds, the SNP at West-Monster can aiblins pit a sprag in the Brexiteers wheel bi jinin the wider clamour fir a people’s vote oan the final proposed Brexit bill. This wid be the people’s chaunce tae return Britain tae sanity (frae the insanity caused bi Tory politicians) an sauf the UK’s place in Europe. The clock’s tickin, but time yet fir guid common sense tae prevail amang this madness.

Thair is muckle oor SNP MP’s can dae tae support popular causes that the people are cryin oot fir, causes that Theresa May an her craven bunch o fearties dinnae hae the smeddum or integrity tae tackle; we can support the extension o abortion richts tae the weemin o Northern Ireland (keep mind, the feck o the Supreme Court judges hae said the law as it staunds there isnae compatible wi human richts!). That wid fairly rip the Tory an DUP knittin!

Likesay, the sun is shinin fowks! Let’s mak some hay!