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COMMENT Rab Wilson: Why does oor NHS merk its ain hamewark?

OWER the past year thair haes bin a loat o news coverage wi regairds tae hospital acquired infections an daiths. These hae bin wi Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital daiths. Thair’s alsae the problems wi the ventilation an infection risks at the still unopened Edinburgh Children’s Hospital, and a potential 200 patients infectit durin surgical procedures at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, wi an unkent nummer o daiths.

Comment We hae a new generation o bonnie young fechters fir Scots!

THE body o the kirk sae tae speik micht no be awaur o the wheen o ploys that’s gaun oan tae gie a heize tae the Scots leid the nou. We hae jist hud the braw Scots Language Awards event whaur champions o Scots wir gien weel desairved tassies fir their wark in media, culture an leeterature – promotin Scots oan the national an international stage.

Comment Scots: speikin it an scrievin it

SITTIN oan ma desk in front o me here as ah scrieve this is a copy o the latest Lallans magazine; ‘Lallans 94’. Lallans is the bi-annual journal o Scots airts an letters - jam packt fou o guid new writin in Scots. A wheen o canty an skeelie scrievers in Scots contributes tae Lallans, this edeetion haes 45 contreebutors, wi some kenspeckle nems amang thaim; Derrick McClure, Sheena Blackhall, Tom Hubbard, Sheila Templeton, Willie Hershaw, an a wheen o ithers… Aa thaim wha submit airticles, p

Assange gaun tae jyle is a daurk, daurk day

IN London courtroom stowed tae the gunnels wi WikiLeaks and journalist supporters, Julian Assange wis jyled fir the near-maximum year’s term ahint baurs fir breachin his bail condeetions. Thae supporters branded the sentence as “shocking” and “vindictive” – an wi guid raison.

Oor big braw cosmos: Tae infinity an ayont …!

THIS past twa years ah hae bin warkin wi Professor John Brown (Astronomer Royal fir Scotland) oan a buik o cosmic science, eemagery, an poetry. It’s title? Oor Big Braw Cosmos. Due shortly, the buik’s publish bi Luath Press. It hus a deliberately Scottish slant tae it, amang its pages o fascinatin cosmic science we alsae ettle tae mak the public awaur o a wheen o Scots wha hae punched way abune their weicht wi their contributions tae human knowledge, in perteecular astronomy.