FIR the feck o the fowk o the UK coronavirus wull be seen as a verra unwalcum event. But thair is a tribe o fowk wha aiblins view it as an opportunity… Thae fowk bide in Downing Street.

Coronavirus, lik the langsyne UK Poll Tax that Maggie Thatcher tried tae impose oan Scotland, wull nae dout be utilised bi a verra cynical few tae experiment an see jist hou faur government control can be pusht in the UK. This hus aiblins aareadies stairtit …

The cohorts o Bawjaws are e’en nou worryin awa at press freedoms an judicial independence, whiles their propaganda machine is spewin oot disinformation ho-ro as a maitter o routine.

The laund that maist middle age fowk grew up in hus chainged frae aa recognition syne we wir bairns, an wir forefaithers, gin they cam back the day, wha focht agin the evils o fascism wid aiblins nou wunner wha it wis actually won that war. An thae chainges are nou acceleratin swipperly…

Johnson’s authoritarian, pouer-abusin government daily strangthens its links tae ither authoritarian governments. The tentacles o Nummer 10 rax evir oot tae wrest control o the mainstream media; the BBC (wha maist SNP supporters hae hud issues wi) wis aye-an-oan a thorn in the side o UK governments; in especial the Tories. Nou they hae the baw at their fuit, an a currently unstoppable majority, they’ll nae dout mak a muive tae remuive the claws frae BBC journalism – if nae dae awa wi the BBC athegaither. Nae dout citing “mercat forces” etc, an replacing it wi thon doyen o “free speech” Rupert Murdoch an his friens … Oot the fryin pan an intil the fire!

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Johnson kythed us his colours when he appyntit a new attorney general jist short days syne she attacked memmers o the judiciary as bein “unaccountable”. This is akin tae the judiciary bein pentit as “enemies o the state” – leistweys Johnson’s imagined state. Thur are dangerous norries fir whilk democracy itsel micht pey a heavy price. E’en that bastion o capitalism the Financial Times hus prentit airticles sayin Johnson hus lee’d his wey throu life an politics. Thon auld Tory warhorse Chris Patten, wha wis aince an EU commissioner, descreivit Johnson in Brussels as ane o the greatest exponents o fake journalism. Gin ah wis tae try an mak a leet o the lees an muckle whids Johnson an the Tories hae spun fir the last decade an mair then ah wid need no this ae page but the hale newspaper tae dae it … tho gin ye want tae see a swatch jist check oot

These Tories wull kythe nae quarter whan it cams tae biggin up the fires o racisim an nationalism in order tae strengthen their grup oan pouer. The internationally shamefu deportations o Windrush conteenue apace, as dae the wicked ills duin tae EU citizens, some wha hae bade here in the UK fir decades an mair. These law abidin fowk are bein denied employment, housin an ither basic richts gin they cannae pruive their “settled status”; A Kristallnacht fir oor times?

The National:

Keep mind, Johnson an his crew o capitalist cutthroats promised afore the last election tae honour EU staundarts fir warkers’ richts. Surprise, surprise, a week eftir the General Election it publisht a new European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill 2019-20 frae whilk these clauses protectin warkers’ richts hud aa bin taen oot!

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The richts remuived wir much as follaes: “workers’ rights” means rights of individuals, and classes of individuals, in the area of labour protection as regards:

(a) fundamental rights at work, (b) fair working conditions and employment standards, (c) information and consultation rights at company level, (d) restructuring of undertakings, and (e) health and safety at work.

A muckle raft o relevant EU directives oan sic maitters sic as health and safety, an prohibeetion agin discrimination wir jist aa a suddent duin awa wi.

Believe me ma friens, there is nae intention ava that warkers wull hae a vyce in Boris Johnson’s daurk veesion o ony future UK.

Johnson hus an uncanny abeelity tae mak an brek promises in the verra same braith; his government leeves an braiths nepotism an cronyism. This leads tae it deleeberately tappin intae the

verra warst o human natuir – steerin up far-right groups an sma-toun racist wallopers an releegious bigots o aa persuasions – engineerin apathy tae its ain ill-daeins, an a hairtless indeeference tae thaim wha faw victim tae thair calculated cruelties.

There cuid be a teuch few months aheid fir us aa. Howpfully the coronavirus wull pruive no tae be near as bad as some o the warst media hysteria maks oot. Bade calm – an cairry oan. Tak sensible precautions an keep an ee oot fir auld neebors wha bide their lane an ither vulnerable fowk in yer communities. A kind wird or gesture can gang a lang road …

The dwaiblie licht o common daicency tho wull fin scant shelter in sic a society as is bein dreamt o an planned bi the likes o puppet Boris Johnson an puppet-maister Dominic Cummings. There’s nae e’en ony place ava fir dissent athin their ain Cabinet – sae whit chaunce fir you or I dear reader tae mak oor vyce heard…!? Ither than at the ballot boax…! An pray the sensible fowk o England dinnae get fuiled the neist time.