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Comment Angus Robertson: How SNP election pledges echo Winnie Ewing's famous words

SCOTLAND’S independence trailblazer Winnie Ewing famously said: “Stop the World – Scotland wants to get on”. With Scottish independence closer than ever, the world is now increasingly watching and foreign diplomats and international media are closely following developments. Many Scottish (inter)nationalists became involved in the independence campaign because we want Scotland to be outward-looking, re-join the family of nations and be a force for good.

Comment Angus Robertson: It is right to pause our campaigns after death of a royal

THE death of the Duke of Edinburgh marks not only the passing of a long-life well-lived but also a link to a past which is fast receding into history. HRH Prince Philip has not only been the longest-serving consort but began his role at the side of Queen Elizabeth at a time when world leaders in office included Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin and Konrad Adenauer.

comment Friends around the world are watching Scotland – let’s keep our eyes on prize

SCOTLAND is big international news again. Not because of the opposition witch-hunt against Nicola Sturgeon, but the fast-approaching Scottish Parliament elections. Media outlets from De Volkskrant in the Netherlands and German ARD public television have been in touch this week to prepare their coverage for the Holyrood elections, with the expectation that the SNP will win the elections and there will be a referendum on Scottish independence. The media interest is also shared by mainstream politi

COMMENT Rank hypocrisy of Tories' calls for Nicola Sturgeon to resign is there for all to see

A HUGE warm welcome to the more than 10,000 new SNP members who signed up this week. The boost to Scotland’s governing party comes only nine weeks ahead of Scottish Parliament elections and just as Covid-safe campaigning activities are given the green light to candidates and activists. By way of comparison the 10,000 new SNP members are equivalent to 61% of the entire membership of the Scottish Labour Party, 91% of the Scottish Tory membership and 245% of the Scottish LibDems.