The National:

AS funny as it was to see the Maybot in action yesterday, we knew it wouldn't be long before it was simple questions tripping the Prime Minister up, rather than simple dance moves.

Currently on an official trip to Africa, Theresa May is set to visit Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Channel 4's Michael Crick had a chance to interview her, and his questions about her stance on apartheid had her squirming.

"Mrs Thatcher believed that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist ... did you think the same thing?" May was asked. It's what the Tory leader doesn't say that is most telling.

Crick opens: "You were active in politics in the 70s and 80s, what did you do to help release Nelson Mandela?"

"What is important is what the United Kingdom..." May starts, before the reporter presses her on the issue again.

May admits that she didn't go on protests, but ignores questions about whether she boycotted South African goods.

Crick continues: "At that stage Mrs Thatcher believed that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Were you a loyal Conservative Party member? Did you believe the same thing?"

Maybot repeated her pre-programmed response: "What was important was the support the UK Government was giving at the time..."

While it's a pity May repeatedly attempts to wriggle out of what is a serious question, it's almost worth it to see to see the mental gymnastics in action. 

The full video is well worth a watch, but there's one other highlight we have to pick out.

Talking about South Africa, she says it is "a country with which we, the United Kingdom, have long historical links", then looks a little flustered before adding, "for obvious reasons".

Well, at least the Tories seem aware of the UK's colonialism? That's progress, at least...

Unfortunately, most of them still seem to want a return to those days.