The National:

READERS, you may find this hard to believe, but we must confess that at The National we do enjoy laughing at wound-up Unionists – especially when it's some of the most infamous ones.

And we've been treated to some vintage outrage yesterday and today, in response to one of our tweets.

The message in question was a promotion for our brand new marching kits:

We were really excited about being able to offer this merch deal up – we know our readers love the pro-indy marches, we love them, and this gets anyone fully kitted out without much work!

The Unionists were FURIOUS though. Badges?! A flag?! Surely this is a parody, they said. Fascism, even!

Please don't blame our anti-indy opponents. Their movement doesn't have enough momentum for any marches, so we can forgive them for not realising such items are often present at this type of event.

Poor Kevin Hague and Murdo Fraser couldn't resist either.

Really Murdo? Asking for it as a birthday present? We're sure the party could spare you some of that dark money...

Another source of much confusion seemed to be the tweet saying "free UK delivery".

We're fairly sure "free Scottish delivery" would have riled them more, so we do regret that slightly ... but it's still a hilarious reaction.

This might be hard for Unionists to believe, but we actually do think that the UK exists. We just very, very much want to leave the Union and what it stands for behind. And plus, we wouldn't to exclude our pro-indy friends in other parts of the UK.

What would be in a Unionist marching kit though? We'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

(Oh, and here's a link to the deal!)