The National:

SCOTTISH Tories try hard to keep up the appearance that the Westminster party cares about Scotland.

Unfortunately for them, this isn't actually true, so all too often that mask slips away to reveal the truth.

In this instance, it's Bernard Jenkin, Tory MP for Harwich & North Essex.

A video posted by the SNP's Dr Philipa Whitford is going viral online – and in it, the English MP reveals what his party really thinks about Scotland.

Although the clip is from a conference on the impact of Brexit on the devolved nations, held on March 8 this year, it's this latest post that is picking up pace online.

In the video, Jenkin says: "And it may seem a tiresome technicality, but it was a United Kingdom referendum and the last time Ireland voted they wanted to be part of the United Kingdom, and the same goes for Scotland – we let them vote in our referendum."

Yes, he actually said "we let them vote in our referendum" ... laughing as if it was so obvious.

Also, we assume by "Ireland" he means "Northern Ireland", since, as far as we know, the Republic of Ireland did not vote in the UK's Brexit referendum.

Back to the main point though, as SNP MP Whitford pointed out: "How kind of the UK Government to allow Scotland to vote in their [EU] referendum!"

SNP MSP James Dornan replied: "Honestly Philippa you’re just so ungrateful. After all they’ve done to, sorry I meant to say for, us we should be on our knees in gratitude for their overwhelming generosity"

The arrogance is incredible, dangerous, but at this stage, what we've come to expect.