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THE Tories try very, very hard to present themselves as serious politicians.

They pretend that while their austerity measures devastate so many, and so harshly, we just have to bear it, because they know what's best for us.

The truth is entirely otherwise. The Tories are totally out-of-touch, and the "Maybot" is just more evidence of this.

In light of Theresa May's most recent outing, where her programming on how to dance seemingly malfuctioned, we've compiled some of the other most cringeworthy moments.

1. Pathetic bowing to the royals

Get your sick bags at the ready... this is not easy viewing. Despite there being no actual obligation to bow when meeting a member of the royal family, Theresa May always decides to take it to another level. When she met Prince William, it wasn't any different:


2. Messing up a simple Mexican wave

Someone must have made an error in the coding of the Mexican wave module for May. As France played England back in 2017, she tried to join in with the crowd, but somehow managed to mess even that up...


3. Being totally ignored at an EU summit

AFTER the Brexit vote, EU summits were always going to be a tense affair. May was never going to be popular, as it proved at one such meeting only a few months after the referendum. The footage of her standing around looking for friends really is excruciating though. (Suffice to say, she doesn't find any.)


4. Running through fields of wheat

For number four, we have a classic. "What's the naughtiest thing you ever did?", May was asked. She stumbles around trying to think of an answer, before settling on "running through fields of wheat". So relatable!


5. 'Boy jobs and girl jobs'

The Tories, especially in Scotland, like to pay lip service to certain progressive ideas while undermining them in their policy-making. Sometimes the mask slips. Interviewed on The One Show alongside husband Philip, they were asked who takes out the bins. It was Philip, but Theresa May took us back a few decades by talking about "boy jobs and girl jobs" – and it hit the headlines the next day.


6. Holding hands with Donald Trump

Not content metaphorically holding hands with the Trump administration on issues like immigration, it all became very literal when the US president visited the UK. The photographs that emerged of Trump holding hands tell you all you need to know about her UK Government.

The National:


7. Having a laugh at PMQs

They love a bit of exaggerated drama at PMQs (except when it's the SNP doing it)... but May's acting skills leave something to be desired, unfortunately. As she tried to show how laughable she found Jeremy Corbyn's proposals, it spawned some iconic GIFs.


8. Disastrous conference speech

Actually, "disastrous" is a bit of a light way to describe May's speech at the Tory party conference in Manchester last year. Almost everything that could have went wrong did go wrong. She was handed a P45 on stage, her cough meant she was hardly able to get through it, and the letters on the wall behind her actually fell off. The symbolism is, again, perfect.

The National: Comedian Simon Brodkin, aka prankster Lee Nelson, hands Prime Minister Theresa May a P45 during her keynote speech


9. Eating chips

The Prime Minister, who is definitely not a robot and is absolutely human, visited Cornwall on the campaign trail last year. She decided to eat chips. Reporters claimed her team had went to "extraordinary efforts" keeping her away from public scrutiny... but someone snapped this picture. We'll let it speak for itself.

The National: Campaign chips: PM enjoys a snack in Mevagissey, Cornwall, but opponents say "robotic" PM is shying away from voters

And we have no doubt there'll be more to come...