The National:

IF you had any last bastion of hope that the "Maybot" nickname was more joke than reality, that's about to fade away.

We never thought we'd see anything to rival Theresa May's excruciating bowing to the royals, but give her credit – she's evidently trying very hard.

WATCH: Theresa May's humiliating greeting as she meets Prince William

The Tory leader is on her first trip to Africa as Prime Minister, and visited the I D Mkize School in Cape Town, meeting students and staff.

May faced a challenge though ... one almost as tough as Brexit, judging by the results.

She had to dance.

While we have your attention and before introducing the video itself, a gentle reminder of her more serious hits, such as: overseeing the horrific hostile environment approach to immigration; being in charge of a government whose austerity policies are literally killing people; and taking the country to a no-deal Brexit that will devastate us.

With that out the way, prepare yourself, because this short video will have you cringing more than Murdo Fraser seeing good news about the Queensferry Crossing.

Another Twitter user found an alternative angle of the clip:

May's moves are about as smooth as the UK's Brexit transition process looks set to be, it seems.

The Prime Minister's trade mission to Africa will see her visit three nations in total.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa thanked May for coming to the country and also for bringing "much-needed rain".

He called her an "esteemed guest and friend" and referred to this visit as the first part of her "African Safari".