The National:

PROJECT Fear made plenty of nonsense claims about the economy in the run-up to the independence referendum, but is it any wonder when their boss makes mistakes like this?

Blair McDougall, who was its director, had his Unionist credentials on full show this week, attacking the SNP over the latest GERS figures.

One Twitter user pointed out that people in Scotland might want us to govern ourselves, because we'll be the best at doing so.

No, said Blair: "Every country isn’t best governing itself though are they, because countries are better sharing sovereignty with each other? That’s why we enter unions, international organisations, trade blocs, etc"

Except, as was pointed out to him, Denmark and France are both independent countries, governing themselves, whilst being in the EU – it's about internationalism versus isolationism, really.

"Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on" apparently isn't too popular with the former Project Fear boss... and he had quite the answer in response.

"Denmark and France are in a political, economic and monetary union with each other. They have given up control of their borders. They have common regulation. They have a shared foreign policy. They agree fiscal limits with each other. No serious nation is independent anymore."

You read that right – Denmark and France are in a "monetary union". Our apologies, we've obviously failed in reporting this enormous development. Or... perhaps Blair is just hilariously wrong.

Because while France does indeed use the euro, the most cursory of Google searches would reveal that Denmark uses the krone as its currency. The country negotiated an opt-out in the Maastricht Treaty.

This has been pointed out to Blair, in fairly clear terms. Yet the Tweet remains up, and he hasn't acknowledged the embarrassing mistake.

Even beyond the currency mix-up, it's quite the stretch as a comparison – because the EU works, that means the UK union does too?

There's quite a difference between the collaboration of the EU and the total disrespect with which Westminster treats Scotland.

And, at last check, the EU has never chronically mismanaged our oil revenues...