The National:

THIS tweet may have went viral yesterday, but it's such a classic that we felt obliged to follow up on it.

Even if you're sick of GERS news by now, this one is worth sticking around for.

Herald journalist Tom Gordon had tweeted out a story about the BBC being forced to apologise for an error in its reporting of the GERS figures.

You can click here to read our summary of that and to see the BBC's rare on-air apology for the inacccuacy – which an SNP MSP had described as "disgraceful" and "fake news".

"BBC apologises for 'disgraceful' coverage of GERS," the headline (and tweet) read.

And although that was quite the story in itself, it was the response that had people in fits of laughter.

Because one Union-flagged twitter user named "Simply The Best!" had a bit of difficulty understanding the story.

Now, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was on his mobile, so didn't see the preview text saying the story was about "Scotland's finances".

Instead, he responded: "Anything to say @BBCTomEnglish or @mstewart_23 ? About time. You all probably want access to the Europa League group games at Ibrox. You should of apologies after 2016 Scottish Cup Final."

Simply The Best! had mistaken "GERS" for "Rangers", and launched into an incredible rant against two journalists.

Financial figures and Rangers may be an iconic duo in headlines these days, but, alas, that wasn't the case here.

"Headline misleading, tweet deleted," the user followed up later.

Incidentally, the confusion between the football club and the financial figures is why The National caps it all up.

But apparently, even that wouldn't have helped in this case.