The National:

SCOTTISH Labour are easily rivalling the Tories as the gift that keeps on giving – and their latest hilarious mistake is no different.

You'd think with party leader Jeremy Corbyn on a four-day visit, the Scottish branch office might be on its best behaviour.

But no, it seems not – and not even after an accidental attack on Welsh Labour earlier this week.

In fact, the Scotland branch seems to have an even bigger target now ... the Westminster party itself.

The error comes courtesy of Scottish Labour's Twitter account.

On it, a graphic was posted, quoting First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2016 as saying "We'd deal with [the deficit] in the same way that the UK dealt with its deficit in 2009/10".

Labour, which assures us it hates the Tories despite forming coalitions with them across Scotland, wasn't having any of it.

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They accompanied that image by saying: "Nicola Sturgeon's plan to close Scotland's deficit is to copy and paste George Osborne's austerity economics.

"Only Labour stands for a Scotland that works for the many, not the few."

There are a few flaws in their argument ... but one in particular stands out.

The David Cameron-Nick Clegg coalition took power in May 2010. So, in the 2009/10 period being referenced, we had a Labour government.

In fact, it was our old from from Better Together who was the Chanceller of the Exchequer – Alistair Darling!

So, while Scottish Labour thought it was making a stinging collateral attack on both the SNP and the Tories, it was actually insulting its own economic policies.

Funny, but it's the level of competence we've come to expect.

Jeremy Corbyn should really have a word with Richard Leonard about the disrespect.