The National:

IT'S a familiar story for Scots – a clip featuring someone speaking in one of our stronger accents goes viral online, and the comments are filled with very confused Americans.

Usually this is fairly contained ... but when the video is for an upcoming Disney blockbuster and has more than 13 million views, the stakes are a bit higher.

A trailer was recently released for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, and one scene features iconic Disney princesses relaxing together.

Merida, Brave's Scottish princess voiced by Kelly Macdonald, gives them a quick run-down of her history.

"I gave my mammy a cake, she turned into a big bear, my auld yin tried to dae her in. If that's no a pure mess I don't know whit is."

"We can't understand her," says Moana.

"She's from the other studio," replies Anna from Frozen – Merida is actually a Pixar character.

A poll with almost 25,000 votes asked if people could understand Merida. A total of 52% said they could, and 48% said they could not.

Though not everyone was convinced by those results...

It seems "auld yin" was what threw off Twitter users the most, with many people assuming she meant kin, though there were a few suggestions of "Odin" too.

Limmy got in on the act too ... and more than a few took the bait.

Merida, if you'd like to do a guest slot as one of The National's Scots columnists, just get in touch.