The National:

UNIONIST websites have produced some truly garbage, outrageous, offensive content – but this one is right in the hall of shame.

ThinkScotland are under fire over an article posted to their site earlier today, described as "bile" by an MSP.

First, some context. The website says it is edited by Brian Monteith, head of press for Leave.EU during the Brexit referendum and a Scotsman columnist.

In the Twitter bio, it advertisers writers including: "Effie Deans, Murdo Fraser, Emma Lockett, Iain McGill, Liz Smith, Jonathan Stanley, Keith Steele and Eben Wilson."

Two Tory MSPs are listed there – Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith.

The author of the article, Jonathan Stanley, was furious about draft guidelines which would let primary one children know that they don't need to listen to other people's assumptions about who they are – including when it comes to gender.

So, who is to blame for this decision? According to the author of the article, Jonathan Stanley, it's the "nihilistic perverts" of the "childless parliament, made of [sic] left wing arts grads".

"I could not help but think of the Willy Wonka memes so popular now and penned my own," he writes, several years after "Willy Wonka memes" were popular.

ThinkScotland tweeted out the article accompanied by the breathtakingly bad image:

The implication seems to be that those who want children to feel comfortable with their identity have a sexual interest in them.

And indeed, he writes: "I'll be subtle. I believe the people who infatuate the sexualisation of children are perverts."

Elsewhere, he mentions the LGBT movement's drive to "shift sex and sexuality into the public space" (which we think means campaigning for equality) and compares this to him not being allowed to "be very open with an attractive blonde in my office". 

The article has more transphobic comments elsewhere, and we'd rather not repeat any more of it.

Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer urged the Tory MSPs to call for the video to be taken down.

He tweeted: "What the actual fuck? @murdo_fraser @MspLiz your names are literally in the account bio. Use your association to get this bile taken down."

We've contacted ThinkScotland for comment.