The National:

LEADING Brexiteer Arron Banks made a fool of himself earlier today as he attempted a response to a tweet by Labour MP Chuka Umunna.

You'd think the co-founder of Leave.EU might, at this point, be able to avoid basic mistakes on world diplomacy. But you might also know a bit about Arron Banks.

Umunna had tweeted a graph showing the UK as the only G-7 nation to have GDP growth slow in 2017.

He added: "We are feeling the effects of Brexit and we haven't even left yet."

Banks, of course, wanted to refute the graph – it was fairly damning of the disastrous Tory Brexit.

He hit back at Umunna, saying: "Canada, the USA & Japan aren't in the G7, dopey"

Canada, the USA & Japan are in the G-7, dopey.

Rather than deleting the Tweet, Banks has responded to one of the users mocking him for the basic error by saying "lol EU" – suggesting he meant to say "EU" rather than "G7".

So, a simple typo then? Banks really meant that Canada, the USA and Japan aren't the EU, so Umunna's graph actually didn't matter...

Except also in the G-7 are France, Germany and Italy. Those nations are in the European Union.

So even if Banks hadn't made the embarrassing typo, his refutation of the graph would still have been laughably poor.

Maybe he should consider replacing some of those lunches with the DUP with geography lessons?