The National:

THE Tories have been diligently avoiding any acknowledgement of the "dark money" donations scandal – but their head of media couldn't resist a pop at those investigating it.

Ruth Davidson has been absolutely silent on the issue, so we're really just surprised someone associated with the party would respond at all ... even if it was a cheap dig that massively backfired!

You can read our story on the dark money donations by clicking here – but it was first revealed by investigative website The Ferret.

And it was The Ferret that head of media Adam Morris decided to have a bizarre rant at.

He spotted a Tweet from their account about a potential second official probe into the Scottish Unionist Association Trust.

Morris responded: "The Ferret's like a self-important pub singer who, despite it being busy, insists on playing Ralph McTell songs all night. It's all very worthy, and one or two customers like it and say: 'That's no bad.'

"But the majority want them to either shut up or play Brown Eyed Girl."

This is the Scottish Tory response to investigative journalism and a bit of scrutiny – and that speaks volumes.

Thankfully, Twitter set the record straight on what the message really said about Morris's party.

There were a few alternative music suggestions too...

Still, given that The Ferret just received a $100,000 grant from the founder of Ebay, we don't think they'll be too deterred by Morris's jabs.