The National:

We really hope the Scottish Tories haven't hurt themselves with this incredible stretch.

Scottish Conservative chief whip Maurice Golden launched a SCATHING attack against the Scottish Government for pushing SNP policies in the guise of a tourism campaign for Scotland.

He claims: “People don’t mind the Scottish Government promoting the country abroad. But they won’t accept the SNP using taxpayers’ money to push their own selfish, separatist message.”

The proof for this sensational claim?

In the recent Scotland Is Now tourist campaign, there is a brief moment when the Queensferry Crossing is visible. Checkmate, SNP.

What possible reason would a Visit Scotland tourist campaign have for including a globally recognised, award-winning, record-breaking infrastructure project if not to secretly promote nationalism?

Tory MSP Rachel Hamilton took to Twitter to slam the Scottish Government's BLATANT misuse of funds.

She tweets: "Scottish Government tourism campaign pushes SNP message with examples of the baby box and queensferry crossing. I would hope the intention of Visit Scotland isn’t to promote nationalism?"

Ah yes, the baby box is also in the firing line for being used as an example of a progressive country that some people may want to visit (or, God forbid, maybe even move to).

What Hamilton doesn't mention is that Pride events are also used in the video to promote the image of an inclusive nation.

So here's the message that Conservatives are really pushing here:

When the Westminster Government do something and promote it, whether that's an infrastructure project or a piece of progressive legislation or a scientific breakthrough, that is just another example of the great character of Britain.

When Scotland does it however, it's just a symbol of nationalism; a reminder of the seperate path that the nation is taking.

It's a pretendy achievement with a sinister hidden agenda.

More than anything, it betrays an insight into where Tories think "real" Britian resides.