The National:

A more perfect analogy for what it is to be a Liberal Democrat couldn't exist.

Last night the Lib Dem's leader Vince Cable, along with his predecessor Tim Farron, missed out on voting on two customs bill amendments tabled by Jacob Rees-Moggs' hardline Brexit-backing European Research Group.

Both amendments scraped through, with a majority of just three; a majority that could have been eliminated if certain folk had shown up...

(Of course, three Labour MPs also voted in favour of Moggie's amendments, so they also could have got shot of this.)

So what was it that led two key Lib Dems MPs to skip out on the chance to oppose the Brexit that they constantly remind us they oppose?

Cable was in a meeting outside of parliament.

Meanwhile, Tim Farron missed his chance to vote down hard-line Brexiteers because he was giving a talk on what it's like to be a Liberal.

The Jouker thinks you may have given a perfect example of exactly what it's like to be a Liberal, Tim.

The Lib Dems were later challenged on why neither had turned up to vote, prompting a Lib Dem source to claim that they hadn't expected the vote to be so close.