FORMER Scotland international Gordon Strachan has said he will be “moving to Shetland” if England win the Euros because the celebrations of England fans would be “unbearable”.

During an interview with Fastest Payout Online Casino, Strachan was asked for his thoughts on England’s chances at the Euros.

While the former Scotland manager said he “wouldn’t mind” seeing England win, he made clear that he may not stick around his home in England for the celebrations.

He said: “I want Harry Kane to win something significant because somebody his standard, the game itself occasionally gets bad press with people that are not top players, but they get us a bad name now and then, but he gives us a good name.

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“Everything he does, and I’m a football person and I want him to win something, so I wouldn’t mind if we don’t get to the final, then I wouldn’t mind them winning.

“My problem is I live in England.

“And English people are unbearable, anyway, at the best of times, but if they win this I’m moving to Shetland because it would be unbearable.”

However, Strachan added that Scottish football would also be benefitting if England score lots of goals at the tournament.

He said: “I would be happy for Harry Kane and maybe Phil Foden, because wherever I go, if I go to see them live or watching the telly, they make a great experience for me, so I have absolutely no problem if they two win it, and I suppose there’s another couple in there that are probably the same, but particularly Harry Kane. I’d like to see him do it.

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“I’ve done something stupid with a company here that, every time England score, they’ve got to donate a lot of money to grassroots football in Scotland.

“So, in a weird way, I want England to score a lot of goals, but I don’t mind anybody scoring a lot of goals against them.”

It comes after First Minister John Swinney was spotted drinking beer with the Tartan Army ahead of Scotland’s opening match in Europe.