In a candid revelation, Derek McInnes has said he "a story to tell" over his decision to turn down the Rangers manager role in 2017.

The Kilmarnock boss admitted that he had conversations with legendary Rangers figure Walter Smith regarding the job offer, hinting at a fascinating untold story.

During a recent interview, McInnes touched upon the pivotal moment when he was approached for the Ibrox role while Aberdeen boss.

He mentioned that he had engaged in discussions with iconic former manager Walter Smith at the time, suggesting that Smith had an influential role in his decision-making process.

McInnes told the Daily Mail: "I did have a long chat with the gaffer [in 2017]. Listen, I have a story to tell about that whole episode. It's not the time to do it now. I felt that Walter wanted me to be the Rangers manager, but he also had his concerns for me with it.

"It was his advice and, while he left me in no doubt that it was my decision, he was involved in every step of the way there. The gaffer had an influence on most of my big decisions. And when I look back now, I wish I had spoken to him MORE to be honest.

"I was talking to my old teammate Charlie Miller the other week and he said the same thing. We still can't believe he has gone and we all miss him. We really do, we miss him. It sounds mad, because I would go periods of time without speaking to him or seeing him. But not being able to pick the phone up or see him at different events has created a void."