Todd Cantwell has already shown that he's an upgrade on Ryan Kent.

That's the viewpoint of former Rangers skipper Barry Ferguson.

The latter will leave Ibrox for good in the coming weeks as his contract comes to an end after a five-year association with the club. 

Whereas Cantwell is only just getting started at the Glasgow giants.

The former Norwich attacker is beginning to show exactly what he's about. There's no doubt that he should be a key player for Michael Beale next term with a full pre-season under his belt.

Ferguson admits he's a huge fan of Cantwell's ability and work ethic, as well as his tendency to wind up opponents.

And while he's sad to see some players move on, he reckons Cantwell could be exactly what Rangers fans were looking for from Kent.

He wrote in the Daily Record: "For some time now there’s been a huge question mark hanging over Ibrox.

"If Ryan Kent is on his way out of the club, then how can Michael Beale possibly replace a player of £7m quality this summer? And I’m starting to reach the conclusion that he may have done it already. For absolute washers.

"Yes, it was emotional seeing Kent, Allan McGregor, Alfredo Morelos, Scotty Arfield and big Filip Helander all being given a guard of honour after the final home game of the season against Hearts.

"And you could see it in Kent’s face as the fans sent him off with a chorus of his very own theme tune. But the more I see of this team the more it’s becoming clear that if there’s a Rangers player who is going to tear anyone apart from now on then it’s not Kent.

"It’s Todd. Todd Cantwell may not have arrived In Glasgow with the same kind of huge price tag or massive fanfare but he looks tailor-made to take on Kent’s responsibilities as the creative talisman of this team.

"As a matter of fact, he’s starting to look as if he might be an upgrade. With four goals in his last four games, Cantwell has certainly added the kind of clinical finishing that Kent was often criticised for lacking.

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"Don’t get me wrong. This is not about having a pop at a player who I rated very highly and enjoyed watching perform in a Rangers shirt. I consider myself a Ryan Kent fan.

"But I do see similarities between what Kent and Cantwell bring to the team and, from what I’ve seen over the last few weeks in particular, the new man compares favourably. Kent is naturally more of an out-and-out winger but, in Beale’s system, he was deployed more as old fashioned inside left.

"He was also allowed the freedom from there to go roaming and play in areas that could hurt opposing sides. That’s where Cantwell operated regularly at Norwich and it’s where I see him playing in Beale’s new-look team.

"Like Kent, he has a terrific work ethic and is more than prepared to do the hard years for the good of the team.

"Cantwell is now showing that he is every bit as willing to go back the way as well as forward. But it’s in the final third where he is emerging a real game changer - a player who can create chances and take them when they come his way.

"Let’s not forget either it was only a couple of years ago that a number of Premiership clubs were being linked with him at around the £40m price mark. He was even knocking on the door of the England squad.

"If anything, his credentials were better than Kent’s were at that time so it does seem as if Beale knew all along that Cantwell could comfortably take on that kind of mantle.

"Sometimes a player just needs a fresh start and a new challenge and he looks as if he’s thriving on the pressure of wearing that blue shirt. He’s also getting under people’s skin and that’s another thing I’m fully in favour of.

"When he first arrived I was a little bit worried that he might be saying a bit too much for his own good. But now he’s doing his talking on the pitch as well and playing with a confident swagger. That annoys some people. But I love to see it.

"This is Rangers Football Club we’re talking about. It’s a place that demands character. And Cantwell is full of it."