Todd Cantwell has delivered a swipe at Chris Sutton after he questioned whether the Rangers player had dived against Hibs.

The former Celtic striker suggested Cantwell had "went down a bit easy" and warned referees will "cotton on" after a foul from CJ Egan-Riley on the midfielder.

Rangers scored from the free-kick at Easter Road last weekend prompting Sutton's remarks over Cantwell's actions.

Sutton had said on BT Sport: "He went down a bit easy for the free-kick, he has to watch that, hasn't he, referees will eventually cotton on."

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However, Michael Beale launched a firm defence of Cantwell after the 2-2 draw with Hearts on Wednesday as he said of his player's recent treatment: "We all know where it’s coming from.

"That was a blatant foul at the weekend, two hands in his chest and anywhere else on the pitch it’s a foul.

"Why would Todd just fall over? But now there’s a narrative around it.

"He’s doing really well and I think we should just enjoy him while he’s in our league. He’s been in our league for a few months and he’s shown lots of bright things.

The National:

"Tonight he scored a fantastic goal, he’s feisty and he’s everything that fans want - to play the game with passion.

"We’ve got to be careful because we’ve been down that road before with Alfredo, haven’t we?"

Now, Cantwell has waded into the saga as he fired back at Sutton's comments.

Posting an image on his Instagram story, Cantwell showed bruising and a cut on his leg with the caption: "Probably a dive".

The National:

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