A HORSE trained in Kinross has won the Grand National despite delays to the race caused by large numbers of animal rights protesters storming the course. 

Corach Rambler, trained by Lucinda Russell in Kinross-shire, galloped to victory after the race was delayed by members of the Animal Rising protest group. 

As the National runners were in the parade ring, a number of protesters breached security fences around the Liverpool venue and ran on to the course.

The horses were sent back to the pre-parade ring, with the race facing an indefinite delay.

Animal Rising said dozens of supporters had climbed fences at Aintree, with at least two affixing themselves to a jump.

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Merseyside Police said: “We can confirm that nine people have been arrested at Aintree Racecourse today.

“Just after 5pm, a large number of protesters attempted to gain entry on to the course. The majority were prevented from breaching the boundary fencing, but the nine individuals who managed to enter the course were later arrested by officers.”

The force said its operation was continuing and the Grand National was temporarily delayed to allow officers to ensure the safety of the event.

Sarah McCaffrey, a shopworker and student – and one of those disrupting the track, said: “Whether it’s for food or for fun, our use of animals and nature is symbolic of a relationship beyond broken. We’re a nation of animal lovers, but the pain these beautiful creatures experience daily does not do that label justice. We need to find ways of loving animals that don’t hurt them.

“I truly believe that we are a nation of animal lovers, every one of us. I know everyone coming to Aintree to view the races today would say they love the horses; however, the suffering experienced by them should shock us all. That’s why I’ve decided to put my body between those horses and death on the racecourse, rather than gamble with their lives.

“An alternative to the way we stand in relation to non-human animals exists. We can all build a world and society that we are proud to be part of, rather than one plagued by suffering and hurt. An end to horse racing is a clear part of this kinder future.”