AFTER cutting ties with Raith Rovers Football Club, the women and girls' team has announced a name change and that they will be playing in a new location for their next game.

The women and girls squad enjoys the support of crime writer Val McDermid who was the long-term sponsor of Raith Rovers FC until the signing of David Goodwillie was announced this week.

McDermid's website appeared on the shirts of the club.

A civil court ruling found that in 2017 Goodwillie and now retired player David Robertson had raped a woman with the two men ordered to pay damages of £100,000.

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On Tuesday, following the news that Raith had signed Goodwillie, McDermid announced that she had ended her lifelong support of the club along with shirt sponsorships over the "disgusting and despicable move".

She said that the move "shatters any claim to be a community or family club".

Club directors and staff also stepped down following the news along with the captain of the women's team Tayler Rattray.

The women and girls section said on Thursday that they remain part of the Raith Rovers Community Foundation but have cut ties with the Football Club, condemning the signing at the start of the week.

They will now play under the banner of the McDermid Ladies and have their next match on Sunday.

The squad has also had new shirts printed that do not carry the Raith Rovers FC crest.

They will be playing at the Windmill Community Campus in Kirkcaldy which is on the opposite side of town to Stark's Park, the Raith Rovers FC grounds.

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Kick-off for the match is at 2pm and McDermid Ladies will be up against Livingston Dev.

Hannah Bardell, the SNP MP for Livingston, announced that she would be joining a group going along to support the newly renamed team and encouraged as many as possible to head along.

She tweeted: "On Sunday a crowd of us are going to support the incredible and recently renamed McDermid Ladies - 2pm at Windmill Park, Kirkcaldy, join us!"