JAMES BISGROVE is confident Rangers are on the brink of a 'normalised' kit operation once again following the first season of their deal with Castore.

The champions announced a long-term partnership with the sportswear firm last term and supporters have snapped up official merchandise in huge numbers as Rangers have regained their high street presence and opened a new Ibrox store.

Bisgrove addressed the Castore deal at the RIFC plc Annual General Meeting on Tuesday morning and reckons Rangers are now in a strong position once again following their tumultuous relationship with Sports Direct.

Bisgrove said: “The sales that we have seen last season were beyond impressive.

“At this moment in time we have a really strong foundation, for the first time in a long time. We are close and are pretty much there now in having a normalised kit operation.

"The figures in the accounts referred to around £4.6m but with the additional payments and bonuses we’ll be a little bit higher than that.

“The Beahon brothers who founded Castore have high aspirations as well and I’m confident the numbers will increase.

“There is a lot of context - which I don’t need to remind shareholders - about where this club has come from in terms of kit and retail. The future is really, really bright.

"The future from medium to long-term will be whether we sit down with Castore and have another conversation, or we go back to the market. For the first time we’re going to have very strong sales, data and credibility.

“I think it hasn’t been perfect, particularly at the beginning when we came out of Covid and there were certain issues with customer service.

"But there has been fantastic progress on that. And I’m very positive and confident about the future retail and relationship with Castore.”