RANGERS played Brondby in the Europa League earlier this week - but some confused Scots accidentally bought tickets to the Danish side’s upcoming match against Randers.

The Scottish side’s Europa League game, which ended in a 1-1 tie, saw four arrests as violence erupted before and after the match.

There were reports of Rangers fans trying to enter the Brondby stadium without tickets, and others of people trying to gain entry with fake one.

Still more fans of the Glasgow club found themselves locked out of the game after buying tickets in the Brondby home end of the stadium.

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The Brøndbyvester-based club has now issued advice to those Scots, as well as those who mistakenly bought tickets to the side’s upcoming game against Randers, another side in the Danish premier league who Brondby are due to play later this month.

The side said: "If you are a Rangers FC fan and have a ticket for one of the home sections of Brøndby Stadium for the match, you can get a full refund by writing to billetter@brondby.com.

"If you are a Rangers FC fan and mistakenly bought a ticket for our home game against the Danish side Randers FC, you can get a full refund by writing to billetter@brondby.com."