A YOUTUBER was ejected from Ibrox last night after Rangers deemed him a "safety risk". 

Scottish football vlogger Juddy Talks has claimed he was asked to leave the stadium last night prior to the club's Europa League clash with Lyon. 

In his 18-minute long video, Juddy explained how he had obtained a ticket to sit in the away end of Ibrox for last night's game, with Lyon helping to secure a seat. 

However, after gaining entry to the stadium along with the other travelling supporters, the Youtuber lifted the lid on being approached by two Rangers officials and told to exit the stadium.

Openly admitting to supporting Celtic, Juddy said the purpose of his trip to Ibrox was simply to document the tremendous European atmosphere the club is so famous for. 

Arriving at the stadium more than an hour-and-a-half before kick-off, he interviewed several Gers fans outside the ground to get their views on Matchday One tie.

As he made his way around to the small away section in the corner between the Broomloan and Sandy Jardine stands though, trouble ensued. 

Juddy revealed how a large group of around 40 Lyon fans started a fight with a group of Rangers fans. 

Adding colour to the situation with some emotive eye-witness accounts of the ugly scenes, Juddy admitted there were safety concerns among fans. 

After a period of waiting outside the stadium, Juddy finally entered the Ibrox concourse and then on to the stairs heading down towards the pitch. 

However, the video then cut to Juddy at Glasgow Central Station where he announced he'd been told to leave the stadium. 

Commenting on the situation, back in his house, he said: "As you'll see in the footage I did manage to get, I like to conduct myself as professionally as I can, I am a football fan. 

"Celtic and Rangers are some of the greatest clubs in the world with some of the biggest atmospheres. 

"I was approached with an opportunity to sit in the Lyon end to try and experience this atmosphere in Europe

The National: Lyon fans at IbroxLyon fans at Ibrox

"How I got kicked out. I was up filming the scoreboard at the stadium as you will have seen - that was the last footage I got. 

"I was then approached by two Rangers officials in suits who asked me for a word and started leading me to the exit. I knew what was coming. 

"They said I was a safety issue. Whether they knew I was a Celtic vlogger or vlog Celtic games, I don't know, or whether it was because I had a Scottish accent and I was sitting in the Lyon end.

"That's completely up to the club. 

"They just said 'right on your way you can't be in here, you're a safety issue to the police'.

"It's probably the last time I'll try to get content done like that. That's just unfortunate and how football works in Glasgow.

"That might not even have been the reason, it could just have been because I had a Scottish accent and I was in with the Lyon fans.

"Maybe it was for my safety - that could've been it as well because like I said their fans were fighting with Rangers fans and it all got a bit out of control."

Rangers have been contacted for comment.