WELL done, Scotland! We nurse a draw against England and celebrate. We’re still in the Euros. Remaining there after Tuesday may well come down to our prowess with arithmetic. In the meantime, we wait …

But the nation’s men’s football team should take inspiration from what has been a winning streak for Scotland.

Just last week, we were crowned victorious in the Great British Sewing Bee when Serena Baker, 22, a medical student from Glasgow, lifted the title after impressing the judges over eight weeks with numerous flawless garments.

The Edinburgh University student is the BBC One show’s first Scottish winner in its seven series.

Amateur sewers were whittled down to three finalists over the 10-week competition.

But it was Serena’s ruffled off-the shoulder dress that clinched the title.

She said: “When they announced that I was the winner I could hardly believe it.

“It had been an intense 10 weeks, but mostly I felt just really happy and proud of myself.

“There were a few tears, but they were happy tears. I was high on happiness.”

If I ever need sutures, I hope she’s the medic administering them.

Scotland’s winning run did not start there, though.

The current title holder of the Great British Bake Off is Peter Sawkins, a finance student from Edinburgh, who described his victory as an “absolute dream”.

The 20-year-old, nick-named the “baby-faced assassin” by host Noel Fielding, is the youngest winner of the show, as well as being the first Scot.

He said he watched the final with his flatmates in Edinburgh, two of whom did not know he had won.

He celebrated the broadcast by baking a chocolate cake, which he shared with his flatmates when they all sat down to watch the final episode.

He said: “I feel in a really privileged position because of course there will be some opportunities that arise from this, and it would be amazing to try and explore them, but at the same time I am going to keep on going with my degree, so I’m in a nice position.”

And the Scottish thirst for victory continued.

Back in March, a drag queen from Glasgow became the first Scottish winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK when Lawrence Chaney, 24, triumphed in the series two final on BBC Three.

She won a crown and sceptre plus a trip to Hollywood to create her own digital series with the show’s producers.

Chaney said: “This is insane. It’s incredible. Scotland babes, I brought the crown home.”

RuPaul told her: “Condragulations to our first Scottish queen, Lawrence Chaney. Your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent have charmed the world.”

So, please, Scotland … hold your nerve and take some inspiration from these triumphs as you face up to Croatia on Tuesday.

With such form, we’re bound not just to go through to the next stages … we’re sure to lift the cup.

Well, we can dream …