STAR couple Jack Lowden and Saoirse Ronan filmed themselves recreating a famous scene from Braveheart as they prepared for tonight’s England v Scotland match.

Award-winning Lowden, who grew up in Oxton in the Borders, appeared excited about tonight’s game at Wembley, sharing the home-made video on Instagram and writing: “If ye know, ye know. C’MON [Scotland].”

In the clip, Irish-American actor Ronan takes on the role of Stephen of Ireland from the 1995 film. During the Anglo-Scots wars, Stephen – who had been outlawed from Ireland  –  was a companion to William Wallace.

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Oscar-nominated Ronan, who appears to be in her pyjamas for the DIY roleplay, repeats the famous line: “Fine speech – now what do we do?”

Lowden, performing the role of Wallace, responds: “Just be yourselves.”

Asked where he’s going, Lowden, who is miming that he is riding a horse, replies: “I’m going to pick a fight.”

He and partner Ronan starred in Josie Rourke’s 2018 Mary Queen of Scots film, with Ronan playing the titular role alongside Lowden as her on-screen husband Lord Darnley.

The National:

Dunkirk star Lowden has been outspoken in his support for Scottish independence, and shared photos from The National’s 2019 Yes rally in George Square.

Scotland take on England tonight at 8pm at Wembley. According to some reports, up to 20,000 Scottish fans have headed to London, although the traditional fan zone at Trafalgar Square was blocked by Westminster Council in favour of a space for London’s key workers.

London mayor Sadiq Khan had asked supporters not to head to the city without a ticket or “safe place” to watch the game, but pictures and videos from England’s capital city show many Scots are already there and excited for tonight’s clash.

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If England win tonight they will make it through the last 16 in the Euros tournament, following their victory over Croatia.

Scotland are hoping to secure a stronger result than on Monday, where they lost to the Czech Republic in their first major finals game for 23 years.

Anticipation is building before kick-off. One fan, Martin Riddell, told Sky News: "We've been following Scotland, near and far, and for the last 23 years and we've not had a lot of joy so, for us, this is the chance to play in a tournament and we have to be there.

"The Scotland-England game does get the hairs on the back of your neck moving, especially once you're in that stadium.

"We have gone through a lot, as Scotland fans, and we deserve our day in the sun... or our night in the rain."