PAUL MURRAY feared Rangers could have lost a generation of fans had the club not given supporters silverware success sooner rather than later.

The Ibrox support are celebrating a first league title in a decade after Steven Gerrard's side clinched the Premiership last month as victory over St Mirren was followed by Celtic's draw away to Dundee United.

The crowning moment came six years to the day after Murray, Dave King and John Gilligan saved Rangers and were successful in their lengthy battle for control of the Ibrox boardroom.

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And the former director knows how significant a moment the title triumph was as long-suffering fans were able to finally toast a momentous 55th league flag and consign Rangers' troubles to history.

Murray told Herald and Times Sport: "I am not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears and that I was quite emotional on the Sunday.

"I was the same on the Saturday because you felt that when we beat St Mirren, even though it wasn’t mathematically guaranteed, that result and that match meant it was hard to see how we would lose it from that point.

"I watched the Celtic game on the Sunday and had this feeling that something was going to happen that day.

"The emotions I had was obviously a relief that it had been done but great joy and the main thing for me was pride. It was a really difficult ten years when you consider everything the club had been through.

"John Gilligan said it was important to get the 55th title and stop ten-in-a-row, but that the most important thing of all was to give a title to a generation of young fans that had never been successful and give them a bit of pride in the club as well. I think that was really important.

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"I think there was a real danger of that [and a generation of fans could have been lost].

"I have got two sons myself and kids tend to follow successful teams. There is so much sport on TV just now and coverage that is way more than there was when I was growing up.

"Kids have got a favourite German team and a Spanish team and an English team, so there was a real danger of that.

"We have all said that the loyalty of the fans has been incredible and their loyalty to the club, to go down to the fourth tier and get 50,000 at matches, was absolutely staggering.

"Of all the things, I think that is the thing that saved Rangers and it was incredible how they stood by the club."