JOHN KENNEDY insists that Celtic are blanking out the possibility of Rangers winning the league at Celtic Park, and says his team are focused solely on beating Dundee United this afternoon.

Interim manager Kennedy takes his men to Tannadice at lunchtime knowing that Rangers will be crowned Premiership champions should Celtic fail to pick up the three points.

If Celtic do win, Rangers will then have the chance to clinch the title at Celtic Park next week, but Kennedy says there is no question his men will be doing everything they can to secure a victory.

“I don’t care about anything other than that what we do at Tannadice,” Kennedy said.

“It has been a really good week’s training. It has been good we have had the whole week because it has allowed me to cover so much with the players, reflecting on the game and then putting that in practice on the pitch to improve parts of our game we want to improve.

“In terms of our application it has been first class and there has been a real togetherness to push each other and make each other better.

“Ultimately come Sunday we want to make sure we show that in the game. That is what it comes down do, it is the performances on the pitch that wins games. That is what I want to see so you can look at it and say, Celtic are much better than they have been showing this season, you can see that improvement and what they are capable of.

“I think ultimately that will be the goal [to delay Rangers winning the title], because each game we approach we want to win and the more we win games that pushes that back. It will not be a motivation, it will not be something we address internally because then it is not about us.

“They have put themselves in a strong position which if we were there we would be very confident, we would be waiting on our time coming.

“But for us it is about making sure we are consistent how we work. Make sure we work hard and train hard on a daily basis and they put it into the game for 90 minutes. If you do that, you win games.

“We want to focus on putting in good performances then a by-product of that is pushing that back, but it is not the ultimate motivation.”